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Great Basin rangeland fire probability

NRCS announces RAP supported conservation frameworks

Rangeland Analysis Platform

Land management data at your fingertips

Fast, powerful, and free, the Rangeland Analysis Platform is an innovative online tool that quickly visualizes and analyzes vegetation data for the western US. Launch the app to examine trends at the pasture, ranch, watershed, or county scale. Datasets include:

Fire in tallgrass prairie

Monitor vegetation to improve rangelands

The Rangeland Analysis Platform provides powerful perspective and context for rangeland monitoring. It makes it easy to develop new strategies that improve rangeland productivity, and to evaluate current or past land management practices.

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Big landscapes and big data

The Rangeland Analysis Platform combines satellite imagery with thousands of on-the-ground vegetation measurements. The rise of cloud computing and machine-learning technology allows the RAP to map vegetation easily across the entire western US.

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Rangeland Analysis Platform

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